Friday, March 13, 2020

Education of Little Tree essays

Education of Little Tree essays Modern America could benefit from the Indian philosophy that nature is a living soul. In the book Education of Little Tree, the author explores the Indian belief in The Way. It maintains that nature is a living entity that must be treated with respect. One must be conscious of what one takes from it and how one can give back to the land. America strives on romance and material possessions, where as Indians truly try to co-exist with nature. Indians take time to understand nature and have their own beliefs on how to treat the world. The author tries to depict the life of a Cherokee Indian boy in a struggle of growing up in America. The boy Little Tree goes through many encounters with other people and learns to deal with many situations. When Little Tree and his grandfather first stepped on to the bus, grandpa held firm and tall. He was trying to show the white folk that he was not a week man. He paid the bus driver and looked straight at him. He then turned down the isle and guided little tree to an empty seat. Many of the people stared at them and began to laugh. Little Tree didnt feel to confident about this. He did not understand why the white man could hate the Indians so much. For he didnt have any negative feelings toward them, grandpa on the other had known exactly why. Grandpa and Grandma were raised to respect the earth and its entire people, but when Americans try to push there way across the land claiming everything, the respect had been lost. Grandpa had not believed that any American was smart. He told little tree that most of them were angry people that walked the planet already dead, only living for one thing, greed. Little Tree, still open to his own beliefs, believed most of what grandpa said. He found out at an early age how American civilization was nothing like his own. If only Americans could learn how to respect the land how the India ...

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